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Management Plan

The Relevant Authorities and the Liaison Group have worked together to produce a management plan for the SAC. The aim of the management plan is identify what needs to be done in order to safeguard the features of the SAC.

The management plan was produced in 2000 – this was before the SAC moderation process  and so only addresses the reef and estuary features of the SAC. To make this management plan easier to implement all the actions were taken out and put into a separate document called the action plan. The SAC officer has worked with the Relevant Authorities and Liaison Group members to prioritise the actions and to produce a timetable to implement the management plan.

Since 2000 ten new conservation features have been added to the list for Pen Llyn a’r Sarnau. These new conservation features will need to be added to the management plan. This work, incorporating a review of the existing management plan, has already begun. When the first draft has been produced the plan will go out for public consultation, hopefully in 2008.

To download a copy of the management plan (2000) click here.
To download a copy of the action plan (2000) click here.

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