Join a beach clean

You can help in reducing litter on the beaches through joining a local beach clean or take part in your own #TwoMinuteBeachclean when on the beach. By removing litter you are reducing the impacts which the litter could have on marine life through entanglement, ingestion of plastics and accumulation of chemicals into their tissues. 

The removal of litter also can have an impact on the local economy, clean picturesque beaches make it more likely for tourists to continue with regular visits to the area. 

As well as environmental and economic benefits, beach cleans also have personal benefits as it’s a great way to spend time outside which is important for well-being and mental health. Taking part in beach events also provides the opportunity to meet new like-minded people. 

When undertaking beach cleans either as an individual or as a group please ensure you adhere to the latest COVID-19 guidelines. It’s also important to keep safe by wearing adequate personal protection equipment (PPE) such as the correct clothing for the conditions, appropriate footwear and gloves (if you aren't using a litter picker). Litter should be placed in heavy duty bin liners whilst buckets or containers should be used for objects which may cut through the bin liner.

Information on beach clean events can be found on the PLAS SAC Facebook account:

Beach Clean Events are often organised by the following organisations such as:

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