Tir a Môr Education Pack

The Tir a Môr education pack is designed to help you bring Waless natural environment into your classroom.

Working through these activities will take you and your class on a journey from Waless highest mountain peaks through moorland, farmland, woodland, along steep upland river gullies, down waterfalls into wide meandering bends, out into estuaries and coastlines, and further off Waless incredible islands. Along the way you will learn about some of the special species that call these environments home and also about the bigger forces that effect not only our Welsh habitats but those around the globe.

Professionals working in Waless environmental sector have pooled their expertise to help create these insightful and interesting activities, that work across a variety of curriculum points. Broadly divided into land, river catchments, and the sea, the pack helps to explain complex ecological concepts using real life local examples. The topics covered also help to demonstrate the interconnectivity of all our landscapes and how something happening in one can impact on the healthof the others.  

The three broad themes have their own booklets which can be downloaded separately below, they are then further broken down into topics. Within the topics you can download each activity separately, making it easier to lesson plan quickly and to combine different activities for your classes current needs.


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